Kenya Women volleyball team


Women Volley Ball
Women Volley Ball

Though they are not engaged in any tournament in the month of August,

it is worth noting the success of the Kenya senior women volleyball

team. Arguably the most successful Women’s volleyball team from

Africa, they have qualified for next year’s women’s volleyball world

championships in Japan. They did this in July this year in style,

winning all their matches and not dropping a set during the qualifiers

held here in Nairobi.

The team is hoping next year’s championships will be a better outing

as they seek for their first win at the championships. This will be

the third championships the team will be participating in after the

2002 event in Germany and 2006 event in Japan. The team has also

represented the continent two times at the Olympic Games the latest

being the 2004 Athens games. The other one is the 2000 Sidney games.

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