The Kenyan Spectator romped into the world in 2005 wanting readers to picture a Kenya and with progressive politicians, united citizens, smooth roads and safe neighbourhoods.

Following the post election crisis however questions did arise as to the wisdom of our founding ideals, of reporting Kenya differently-positively but it did not take long to see that TheKSP style is more relevant today than ever since the media supplies a lot of this information which either helps or misleads society.

The Kenyan Spectator weekly newspaper had kept its editorial promise and by the feedback from our readers, we met and exceeded their expectations.

We promised our readers to continue with an editorial style that will inspire rather than depress, one that will celebrate our diversity, make us laugh at our mistakes while celebrating our triumphs, all the time turning the challenges we face into opportunities.

As we launch our new ‘Spectator’ we recognizes that freedom of expression and particularly the freedom of the press is one of the hallmarks of a truly progressive and democratic society and we shall remain committed to these hard won freedoms.

Welcome The Kenyan Spectator magazine